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Letters: border protests are disingenuous; astrology column is bunk

Right now, Israel is under terrible pressure and needs support, not a laser focus on craziness that all societies share in various ways, but which is so often presented as a problem for Israel without any comparison to truly awful things occurring elsewhere. This marriage/rabbinate situation will either be addressed directly, or it will continue to be worked around, since that is serving as a clumsy but effective compromise, which mostly meets most people’s needs. Criminal investigation after impeachment is A-OK Letter-writer Tom Kahan’s criticism of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s writing on impeachment confuses the issue of congressional oversight and investigation of a sitting president with the criminal investigation of that president (“ Tell it to the judge ,” July 13). “Your Honor, how can you have impeachment without investigation?” Impeachment is a political process, not a criminal indictment. It originates with the House of Representatives and then occurs in the Senate. Congressional oversight of the president has been the norm since President Washington. It is through this oversight that Articles of Impeachment are to be drafted. House votes initiated the impeachments of Presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. While a special counsel report preceded the vote in the latter case, President Clinton’s impeachment was still a terrible mistake.

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